The Opportunity: Through the purchase of notes issued by this Pre-Funding Note Fund II, LLC (PFNF), Investors can now invest in a line of credit used to pre-fund first-position mortgages originated by SIMM Capital Group, LLC. The line of credit that PFNF issues is used by SIMM to originate loans prior to syndicating them on the online platform or selling to institutional whole loan buyers. Investors now have the opportunity to gain exposure to a pool of loans that are held on the line for a short duration prior to being sold.

Benefits of Investing in PFNF:

  • Diversification: A single investment will be spread across multiple loans via a line of credit used to pre-fund loans originated by FTF Lending, increasing your diversification to projects, borrowers and geographies.
  • Fixed Maturity: Each note has a fixed maturity date, allowing investors to have greater certainty related to principal repayment.
  • Short Duration Exposure: The Line of Credit gives you access to pre-funding and construction draw exposure which is typically repaid within a short timeframe.
  • Passive: You will not need to select individual investments. You will receive a fixed return with monthly interest payments.
  • High Utilization: Your investment will be fully-utilized, ensuring your investment dollars are earning interest from the day your funds clear escrow.
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